Texas Becoming #1 in Governing Education


To become the most competitive state in the nation in education.


The State of Texas and Local School Districts go to work governing education to fulfill the lawful rights of students and taxpayers

Rights that include:

  • Providing all students the right conditions for — and meaningful experiences in — learning,
  • Causing no student to stumble and
  • Making effective use of, not wasting, time and money in fulfilling the rights of students.
  • Know what it costs to educate Texas students.
  • Not wasting time and money on programs that cause students to stumble.
  • Not wasting time and money on efforts that do not strive to fulfill the rights of students and taxpayers.
  • Students, parents, teachers and community involved in improvement planning

Rights Provided in Texas’ Education Code and School Districts’ Policy

The rights of Texas’ students and taxpayers have been provided for decades in Texas’ own Education Code (TEC) and Texas school districts’ own policies. Click HERE  to see the research on Texas governance of education, including the TEC and district policies.

Role of   SEE Government — Texas

Role: Provide Texans the opportunity to SEE

SEE how Texans are doing today governing education. This is essential for improving and becoming #1 in governing education.

SEE the ratings for Texans’ Local School Board and Superintendent and for the Texas Commissioner of Education and Education Agency (TEA).

We welcome collaboration with the Texas Governor and Texas School Boards before or after presenting the ratings to Texans. And look forward to their involvement in learning and improving Texas’ performance in governing education.

Coming Soon

  • Texas Commissioner of Education Scorecard to Improve

  • Texas ISD’s Governance Scorecards to Improve

Scorecards and Performance Ratings to Improve for the Texas Commissioner of Education and specific Texas School Districts will be provided. Go to SEE  Example Texas ISD Governance Scorecard to Improve. 

Role: Implement Open Government Processes to SEE How Government is Doing Governing Education.

Put to work the right of Texans to use open government processes for requesting and SEEing accurate, honest and timely responses from government. Response with or without documentation demonstrating how the government is doing fulfilling the rights of students and taxpayers. Requests are based upon the governance provisions in the Texas Education Code and in School District Policies.